I moved.  (Years ago.)  But people still find themselves here.

There is a lot of good old stuff here; feel feel to browse around.

This material is from 2005 – 2010 or so.

But now, I’m here:



Thank you for all your years of reading.


Skull. Nest. Leaf.

skull nest leaf

If you find yourself here, please know that I have moved.  I post here a couple times a year to let people know where I might be found, as I am still getting new subscribers.

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elk antler, turquoise and pipestone

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HI friends,  I have slowly been phasing out this blog, but haven’t wanted to do away with it totally because I still get visitors (there are still a few subscribers.)  I’m trying to get all my little duckies in a row, so to speak.  So I will leave this blog alone, but have moved its entire contents over to my functioning blog a Woman and a Wild Place.  I am going to send out a newsletter asking my subscribers if they want me to move them over to the new blog.  If you’d like to stay on as a subscriber or become a new subscriber, head on over to WomanWild.  Thanks for all your support.

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Most of you probably know I’m not posting here anymore.  But I will occasionally update things to direct my readers to where I AM now!

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