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A New Way

A raven flies overhead as I step outside in the early a.m. to let out the chickens.  The woodpile smells of cedar and the air is moist, cool and sweet.  Forecast is rain and I say “bring it on.” (more…)


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First Love

Rained yesterday and through the night.  House is so quiet right now.  The family is still asleep; dogs and cats are out or still sleeping.  Air is still, gray and beautiful.  Last night  I was thinking about my love for horses.  I was thinking of how of all the things in my life, they (horses) were my first love.  Before boys or books, before art, before climbing or writing and before my children.  Before all the other loves of my life, there were horses.  (more…)

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Gray morning at Walnut Creek. These mornings are rare around here. It is also quiet (no one up yet) which is also rare. We sat at the creek on a sandy bank on New Year’s Day. The sun shone warm on the sand and I wrote while Kevin slept, Kiva ran around with the dogs, and the boys carved. Town day yesterday, lots of errands. Going to town more than twice a week can really feel overwhelming. (more…)

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We are still here, on the land. I am doing all the things I love to do (growing children, growing food, playing with horses, walking the wild and rugged places, making art) In a place I love to be, with the people I love to be around.

The days are cold now, sunny, dry, windy and cold. The ponies are fuzzy and frisky. The children don’t get out as much as I’d like and life just zooms on. We are all growing; some growing up, others growing old. Just turned 43. My long brown hair is streaked here and there with silver hairs. This doesn’t bother me, but the harsh, dry air and high desert sun is really working me over, and gravity is having its way with me. (more…)

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