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Sunflower Bud



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The snow always makes me ever so grateful for a roof, a warm woodstove,

plenty of wood,

and large colorful jars of dry beans and rice.



When I lived at Walnut Creek, I was grateful for being “trapped” by the snowy/muddy roads.  We would just wander around for hours in the snow taking pictures and not seeing anyone.


My world has changed and I am not coping well.  My horses are 45 miles from me and I am living where I hear CARS all day.

Sure, I go out to Walnut Creek two or three times a week, but I am a visitor now; a tourist, not a native to the land as I was for the last five years.

And, I need a job.

What am I good for?  Gardening?  Yes.  Helping my kids be good learners at home (and now school?) Yes.  Running Solo in the Wilderness?  Yes.

Taking pictures?  Sometimes.

Writing?  Sometimes.

But these skills aren’t buying grass-fed beef for my family, or putting gas in the car, or paying for my daughters violin lessons.

or maybe they can.


I have been approached to write for money on the internet.  It doesn’t pay much at first, but eventually (I’m told) it will.  Most of the time I can write about whatever I want.  Sometimes I have to decide whether to write about what they’ve assigned or to decline the assignment.  Sometimes I just add links in my post about certain things.  Like for instance I will tell you that if you need a consultant for anything, go to this certain site.  We may all need consultants for something someday, right?  Like if you need an illustration for something, you might go to site recommending different illustrators.  Or if you need a new website you might go somewhere to find a web designer.  I would do a search on the internet and find exactly what I needed or go to a place where consultants are all together on one site.

Maybe I can make some money doing what I love.


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Okay, sometimes I get paid to post other people’s things.  I will only accept ones that I feel don’t compromise MY beliefs and values.  A girl’s got to make a living.

What’s Not to Love About The Amazing Race?

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

My absolute favorite travel show to watch on television is The Amazing Race. Pairs of contestants race around the world, stopping in about a dozen or so countries over the course of 25-30 days, all for a chance to win a million dollars. Basically, they are being paid a lot of money to travel the world. The locales are always beautiful and the contestants are given tasks or challenges to do that correlate to the region’s culture and traditions.

What I love about the show is that the contestants are not seasoned travelers with loads of money and easy access to interpreters, as found in most travel shows. These people are thrown into new and exotic places with very little money and are told to make their way to distant, and sometimes hard to find, destinations. This usually causes major stress for the racers; especially when their taxi driver does not speak a word of English and the racer decides that the best way to communicate is by speaking English with a Spanish accent… unsurprisingly, that doesn’t work very well. This leads to some funny and sarcastic bickering between the racers which reminds me of my family when we travel, so it becomes easy to forget that I am sitting on my couch watching my Satellite TV from www.cannonsatellite.com/ and not traveling around the world with them.

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An amazing and playful horse:  My Chica.  Taken with my phone as I didn’t have my camera with me.  She is a very free spirit and very much her own girl.  Here she wanted me to play like a puppy; so we chased each other around and I caught some good shots. (Low quality but fun.)



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~I have become very passionate, of late,  about what humans leave behind:  old cars, abandoned houses, junk~

This car is in Government Canyon in Prescott, AZ

~Here is the front fender and bumper 1/2 mile down canyon~

My friends turned their old suburban (?) into a chicken coop.

One of my new favorite photographers is Reginald Van de Velde who photographs “urban decay”

Also (for a different reason) I love Catherine Hall, who photographed Burning Man 2009.

~Here is one of her images~

© Catherine Hall

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~Okay, here it is the cute little plastic medium format camera~

It takes wonderful Pics and can be found HERE.

Become.com is also a great place to get sports stuff:  injury gear (wrist brace?) , Olympic weight sets?, maybe even Wilson golf clubs if you like that sort of thing.  Personally, I’d stick to buying my camera gear there.  Or HERE.   Become.com has a great and diverse selection of ALL sorts of cool stuff:  running shoes, books, printers, you name it.

Have fun with your new Holga!  More pics coming soon; I just sent off three rolls (til I learn to develop my own.)

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