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I moved.  (Years ago.)  But people still find themselves here.

There is a lot of good old stuff here; feel feel to browse around.

This material is from 2005 – 2010 or so.

But now, I’m here:



Thank you for all your years of reading.



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skull nest leaf

If you find yourself here, please know that I have moved.  I post here a couple times a year to let people know where I might be found, as I am still getting new subscribers.

Head on over to:

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Woman on Wild Mountain

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elk antler, turquoise and pipestone

get over to the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WomanOnWildMountain

and my current blog: http://www.womanwild.org

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Something I will miss (on a daily basis) is the way the afternoon sun hits last year’s grass and lights it up.  Anyone who has connected to land this way will understand what I mean.  And for those who haven’t, imagine just loving the sight of anything your child does.  That pure joy of watching their joy, or the heart wrenching feeling of seeing them hurt.  Loving land does compare to that feeling.  It is deep in you; it is part of your flesh.

When the rancher up creek clear-cuts the old growth Ponderosa for his cattle, you feel it in your stomach; your heart.

I am leaving Walnut Creek for my family.  My youngest child (whose brothers are no longer home) has needed more than what we could provide here on the land.  I am not talking about schooling; though she has decided to go to school after being unschooled her whole life.  I am talking about more socializing and pursuing her dreams of competitive gymnastics and playing with a sting band.  All of these activities are an hour drive from home.  Being in town all day, gas prices, getting home after dark, having my dogs pissed off at me, never seeing my horses, not being able to keep up with my garden, and mostly not being able to do my job here at the Walnut Creek Center; these are the reasons why I could not stay here.  I am back for the summer (my last) until the new managers take the position.  After that…I’m not sure.

My children are only children for another 8 years or so.  I can pursue my dreams after they’ve gotten a good start on theirs. They lived on this land and close to nature, in very remote and rustic conditions for most of their lives.  That style of life isn’t for everyone and it never felt right imposing my dreams on them (unless they, too, wanted the same thing.)

In a few years, I will move back to the cabin in the mountains where all I hear at night are coyotes, tree frogs and elk bugling.  For now, I will enjoy the last six weeks I have with my Love Land.  After that, I will still come twice a week to tend to the horses, walk the creeks and mesas, and photograph the land I love best.

The Daily Wyatt

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Crazy weather calls for a warm wood-stove, home roasted and freshly brewed beans and stove-top espresso.

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~They smell SO heavenly when they are roasting~


Roasting Green Coffee Beans on an Open Fire

I put Green Coffee Beans in a cast iron pan and roast them either over a camp cookstove or an open firepit.  (The smoke is intense and gives my family a headache.)  I cover my beans and it gives them a smokier taste.  However, you can leave them uncovered if you are outside and they will taste “cleaner.”

Keep roasting until they are not quite as dark as you like.  Note:  stop before you think they are done because they will keep roasting after you take them off the heat.

Buy Organic Green Coffee Here


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