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“Now, we have to look at the world very simply. We’re in front of a world which is split, which is so threatening with all the conflict out there, and if we look for example at climate change, political situations, the hunger in the world, the misery in the world, the problem of water, of food, etc. it’s a disaster without any question. The disaster is becoming bigger and bigger and if we look very clearly at the world we see that even if we stop the pollution from all the cars right now, climate change will not stop anymore. This is what serious scientists are saying. So we are destroying the world. We are destroying the world!


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A New Way

A raven flies overhead as I step outside in the early a.m. to let out the chickens.  The woodpile smells of cedar and the air is moist, cool and sweet.  Forecast is rain and I say “bring it on.” (more…)

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