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Unschooled children do the most amazing things.  This fort (more pics to follow) was built by two unschooled boys (and sometimes a sister) over many years.  Tunnels, chutes, trap doors, secret rooms, all recycled.  Now that is education at its best.


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Kiva (10 years old) began fiddling when she was 6.  She plays in the Sharlot Hall Museum Cultural Music Conservatory.

~Kiva is the youngest member of the Conservatory : )


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My family and I live far from the busy, rushing river some call “mainstream.”  We, in fact, live along a lazy, trickling creek folded into a valley in the mountains of North-Central Arizona.  This place we call home is bursting with wild and wonderful life year-round.  To our south lie the Santa Maria Mountains, “Apache Creek Wilderness”, Ponderosas and deep rugged canyons.  The Juniper Mountains, “Juniper Mesa Wilderness,” pinions and steep limestone cliffs are what we find to the north.  To our west is one of the largest, wildest and traditionally run ranches in the United States.  Our neighbors to the east are two miles away; after that, an hour drive to town with only trees, grasses and mountain views in all directions.  The land we occupy is roughly 300 acres surrounded on all sides by hundreds of square miles of National Forest Land.  Some people say they could never live here in the middle of nowhere; to me, it’s the middle of everywhere. (more…)

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