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~They smell SO heavenly when they are roasting~


Roasting Green Coffee Beans on an Open Fire

I put Green Coffee Beans in a cast iron pan and roast them either over a camp cookstove or an open firepit.  (The smoke is intense and gives my family a headache.)  I cover my beans and it gives them a smokier taste.  However, you can leave them uncovered if you are outside and they will taste “cleaner.”

Keep roasting until they are not quite as dark as you like.  Note:  stop before you think they are done because they will keep roasting after you take them off the heat.

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Watson Lake Dells

Photo Shoot at Watson Lake

© 2010 Gus Patrick

I had no idea Gus was taking this photo.  But it is one of the rare photos (of me) that I actually like.




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~How can I let go of a place that shows me this beauty every day?~

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Kiva (10 years old) began fiddling when she was 6.  She plays in the Sharlot Hall Museum Cultural Music Conservatory.

~Kiva is the youngest member of the Conservatory : )


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~Just posted on Five Year Wild.~

~Be sure to check out the ABOUT WALNUT CREEK CENTER page.~

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Local Ponderosa Pine

Locally Milled

~Made with Love (by Kevin)~


Handmade Ponderosa Shelves

The thing in the bottom right of the photo is a deer antler I found today while hiking in the forest.

Close-up of Shelf Detail


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It might be time to splinter this web journal into separate blogs.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  I’m beginning to document the whole Walnut Creek story on a separate blog (how we got there, how we lived there, why we’re not there anymore.)  That Blog is “Five Year Wild” and is for those just interested in the Walnut Creek story and the amazing adventures living off-the-grid for five and a half years in a remote AZ wilderness.

I will have a Photo Blog for those only interested in the photography part of it (not up yet.)

And then, I will attempt to move this blog to my website, so stay tuned for that.

In addition, I have a blog called the Creek and Mesa Review which has reviews of photo equipment, cameras, books,  and cool products.

If anyone has any feedback or ideas, send ’em my way.

Happy waxing moon!


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