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As promised, I have another photo of (what I think is) the Coolest Fort Ever.  There is more to it than meets the eye.  In places there are four stories to this wonderfully crafted junkpile.  I will forever be in awe of what these children built.  See previous post for another picture.

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Unschooled children do the most amazing things.  This fort (more pics to follow) was built by two unschooled boys (and sometimes a sister) over many years.  Tunnels, chutes, trap doors, secret rooms, all recycled.  Now that is education at its best.

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As I settle into my last summer here at Walnut Creek, I find myself wandering around remembering (before I’m even gone) all the things I love so deeply about this place.  From the way the mesa looks at sunrise to the way the light filters through the windows in the early morning and late afternoon.  Inside or out, I have camera in hand, capturing it all with the intense love I feel for this place.  This is my sixth summer here (and my last.)  So this summer I can bet nearly all of my posts will be in honor of the Creek (Apache/Walnut) and the Mesa (Juniper) I hold so dear.  This, of course, includes things like the way the late afternoon sun lights the bottles I have collected and put on the old window sill.

Here is the same photo before editing.


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I love old cars.  They remind me of childhood, secret hiding places and a good place for chickens to roost.  This old vehicle actually was a chicken coop for several years.

Leave a link (in the comments) to your favorite old car photo.

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~I have become very passionate, of late,  about what humans leave behind:  old cars, abandoned houses, junk~

This car is in Government Canyon in Prescott, AZ

~Here is the front fender and bumper 1/2 mile down canyon~

My friends turned their old suburban (?) into a chicken coop.

One of my new favorite photographers is Reginald Van de Velde who photographs “urban decay”

Also (for a different reason) I love Catherine Hall, who photographed Burning Man 2009.

~Here is one of her images~

© Catherine Hall

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